About us

Could you imagine visual media without music? 


Neither can we. 


Music plays a pivotal role in the realization of the visual experience. One may say that it is sound that helps give a scene its soul. At PrimalHouse Music, we understand this, and it is our job to hear your vision and help you – the indie filmmaker, the corporate producer, the commercial producer, the Youtuber, the documentarian – unlock the power of music for your project.


With over 25 years of experience, world-class music supervisors on staff and a vast library, we have the tools to do just that!


As the world’s fastest growing, independent production music library, we represent more than 60 unique music catalogs from around the world, including: PopVirus Music catalog (Germany), Musique & Music (France), Emergency Production Music (UK), Fantastic Beat Machine (US) and many more.  Together, these catalogs contain over 250,000 pre-cleared tracks, adding new music weekly.


Of course, it isn’t just about volume. Our catalogs cover all genres and styles from fully-orchestrated, classical masterpieces to authentic, ethnic indigenous music to cutting-edge, contemporary beats, and we do it all at the highest level of quality.  We also represent artists in our Artist Series. This series represents the music of over 100 emerging and established artists from around the globe who provide electrifying original works in every current style.


In addition to diversity, we are also versatile: offering edit-friendly, full-length mixes and cut-downs, underscores/stems and alternate versions of most compositions – all ready for one-stop sync clearance.


How we work


That’s easy – Our complete music services:


From per-use production blankets to annual licenses, we will provide the exact license your project needs.


Our expert music supervisors will find the right music and curate the right playlists for your project.


Working with clients of all sizes, our flexible pricing model guarantees you the music you need at a cost you can afford. 


What if your project needs custom music? 

No worries, we cover that too. We also offer full-service music production services, including composition, music supervision, music editing, music mastering, as well as commercial clearance and licensing.  


Moreover, our global administration team will find and collect all performance royalty income for music publishers and production companies. That means generating the cue sheets, registering music titles with PROs around the world, and analyzing and collecting performance royalty income – all to create a new revenue stream for you. For more information please contact  ryan@primalhousemusic.com.


One Source for All of Your Music Needs

From one-stop music licensing and sound effects to custom music production, value-added services and more, PrimalHouse Music is your trusted partner.  For more information contact: contact@primalhousemusic.com



Ryan Neill – CEO ryan@primalhousemusic.com

Irl Sanders – President/Music Editor irl@primalhousemusic.com

Levon Broussalian – VP Music Supervision levon@primalhousemusic.com

Rodney Gordy – Director Of Licensing rodney@primalhousemusic.com

Jane Burke – Music Supervisor jane@primalhousemusic.com

Jacob Neill – Publishing Administration jacob@primalhousemusic.com

Accounting Department – accounting@primalhousemediagroup.com

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